Flywheel (Recruitment Marketing)


The Recruitment Marketing Flywheel is the concept that a companies hiring processes and consistency are the long term drivers of inbound sourcing and recruiting success. By placing a heavy emphasis on the companies public presence as a top place to work, with rigorous and fair interview practices, the Recruitment Marketing Flywheel will accelerate candidate interest.

Your recruitment marketing message must be re-enforced consistently in your website copy, in your job descriptions and throughout your interview process. Just as your leadership must present a unified vision for why each candidate should desire to join, your hiring presentation and process must be unified and well structured.

Every job posting, sponsored event, email outreach, and interview question reflects the brand of your organization. One misstep can destroy it all. As you dial in this process, the flywheel begins to take hold. As word gets out that your growing company has a clear vision and runs a fair and selective process, great candidates will start knocking at your door.