Recruitment Operations


Talent Operations is a function that sits in the human resources department and is responsible for streamlining the hiring process to give talent teams a competitive edge. Like any other operations-focused team, talent operations (ops) employees are highly analytical, collecting and interpreting data to improve talent teams’ efficiency and effectiveness. Talent operations teams measure a variety of KPIs to pinpoint parts of the hiring process that are lagging behind or need improvement. These KPIs could range from outbound sourcing metrics to candidate NPS scores, time to hire, retention rate, and beyond.

Outstanding talent operations team members proactively propose solutions to gaps in the hiring process by gathering requirements from interviewers and hiring managers and interviewing candidates and employees about their experiences. They also stay up to date on new ways other companies optimize their hiring process, identify trends that could be useful to the organization, analyze the level of effort, and make recommendations regarding implementation and measurement. Talent operations is a relatively new function, but as companies collect and track more and more hiring data, the talent ops team will only become a more essential component of your hiring strategy.