Talent Acquisition


Talent acquisition is a strategy for discovering and securing new employees for open roles. Usually, companies have a designated team in the HR department responsible for talent acquisition. Day to day, this team assists department heads with resource planning and develops strategies for filling candidate pipelines.

Great talent acquisition professionals are well-versed in candidate sourcing tactics and are excellent at boosting an employer’s brand. As such, talent acquisition, sourcing, and recruiting often get conflated. The difference is that while sourcing and recruiting fill immediate vacancies, talent acquisition specialists think strategically about how org charts will evolve over time. They are focused on setting the stage for anticipated hiring needs in the future. Talent acquisition teams also think about how to recruit for roles that are notoriously hard to fill and brainstorm ways to build a more diverse workforce.

Talent acquisition strategies take time and effort to research, plan, execute, and measure. Companies with bigger budgets may decide to outsource talent acquisition to experienced firms so that their employees can concentrate on other HR tasks. As with all outsourcing, pay close attention to the anticipated ROI of using an agency as you navigate the contracting process.