Full Cycle Recruiting


Whether in the context of corporate recruiting or agency recruiting, a 360-Recruiting desk is defined as a recruiter who manages the full lifecycle of the candidate hiring process.

360-Recruiting starts from the initial sourcing process. This can include outbound cold email using a tool like Trinsly, to mining your teams internal ATS. The full recruiting cycle ranges all the way down to project managing the candidate through the interview process with the client (e.g. hiring manager).

The challenge of 360-Recruiting is that it requires a deep knowledge of both the business relationship and the candidate pool. Often 360-Recruiting is more common in smaller agencies or companies since there is often a need for a full range of skills.

At larger firms, recruiting is generally done as – you guessed it – a 180 degree model. This typically entails having dedicated specialists handle candidate sourcing and outreach, while recruiters manage the rest of the hiring process.

This split (180) model is generally how large companies tend to rely on external agencies: External firms handle niche sourcing while internal talent teams navigate the rest of the way after the prospective candidate is handed off.