Culture Fit (Add)


When we think of hiring, we often think of “culture fit”. But really, companies should want to hire people who are additive to the culture, bringing their own perspectives, quirks, and qualities to your organization. That’s precisely what culture add is一a hire whose differences from your current employee base are an asset to the organization.

People who are considered a culture add aren’t afraid to voice their opinions in an effective, productive way. They are also skilled at adapting to various cultures without causing friction or watering down their unique approach. And this is valuable; diversity of thought and expression can make your employees develop more creative ideas and solutions to problems.

However, finding and hiring culture adds isn’t a walk in the park. Companies have to know what type of person they are looking for (i.e., what characteristics their teams might be missing), where that type of potential hire might hang out, and train interviewers not to think in terms of “cultural fit”. Having a more structured interview process decreases the risk of weeding out culture add candidates before they can show off their superpowers.