Candidate NPS


A candidate net promoter score (CNPS) indicates how likely candidates are to recommend your hiring process to a friend or colleague. The CNPS is similar to the NPS survey customer success teams use in that it’s measured on a scale of zero to ten. A seven or above means that candidates were generally impressed with your hiring experience and would encourage their peers to apply to your organization.

Although the CNPS is only one number, there are a variety of factors that play into that score. When candidates answer your survey, they might be thinking about your company brand, how your recruiters communicate over email or the phone, how easy it was to submit an application, how interviewers treated them, or how promptly they moved through the process.

Every part of the hiring process contributes to a candidate’s overall experience. Ensuring candidates have good things to say about your company is paramount when attracting new candidates. Job seekers will read about your interview process on Glassdoor and other review sites, and without glowing reviews, the best candidates may not apply. Consistently sending out CNPS surveys and tracking the results helps you track down what’s going well and what needs improvement.