AI Based Recruiting


AI (Artificial Intelligence) based hiring is a modern strategy to utilize machine learning techniques to identify and select talent. Various products used throughout the candidate lifecycle can be used such as automated resume screening tools and AI powered chat bots.

AI is generally seen as a catch-all term for any process or system that utilizes statistical or model based decisions. In the scope of interviewing and hiring several companies claim to be able to use AI to better understand candidates and help identify strong talent. In practice, this is often incorrect and has been implicated in several instances of biased selection processes.

In addition to the potential for candidate selection bias, AI based hiring tools face significant legal scrutiny. For example, New York state now requires all AI hiring technology tools used in candidate selection to pass a third-party audit of their systems.

While machine learning and AI technologies can substantially speed up hiring processes, it is still best practice to maintain human control of sourcing, interviewing and selection processes.