Structured Interview

A structured interview is a conversation in which interviewers pose pre-determined questions in order to evaluate an interviewee. In a structured interview, every question is based on the role's specific competencies. This ensures that interviewers get a truer sense of a candidate’s abilities and allows them to make more educated and less biased decisions about each candidate. During a structured interview, interviewers will note a candidate’s responses to each question, rating them on an already-decided-upon scoring system. Structured interviews ensure that: (1) each interviewee has a similar experience, and (2) interviewers evaluate candidates based on their characteristics and qualifications, not just gut feelings. Structured interviews have been around for a while but were primarily used in a quantitative research context. Because the same questions are asked in every survey and responses were graded on the same scale, answers could be accurately aggregated and compared with a high level of confidence一a crucial aspect of publishing in academic journals. But recent research on the efficacy of structured interviews has convinced household name companies like [Google to adopt this methodology]( Structured interviews not only make the hiring process more defined and repeatable, they also decrease bias, [lead to better hiring decisions](, and [increase candidate satisfaction](
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