1 Way Interview


A 1-Way Interview is a modern technique for remotely interviewing candidates. In a 1-Way Interview, candidates record themselves answering questions. Oftentimes this is done using a piece of software but can easily be replicated having the candidate use their own phone or webcam device. This type of interview process is almost always done as one of the first stages within an interview pipeline before a candidate meets anyone at the company.

The benefit of 1-Way Interviews is purely economical. Hiring teams can substantially scale their screening process without equivalent additional overhead. This can lead to cost-per-hire reduction when hiring hundreds or thousands of candidates. It is often touted that 1-Way Interviews can reduce bias by preventing interviewers from interjecting themselves into the interview (such claims have never been substantiated).

1-Way Interviews have substantial drawbacks and are can be harmful to candidate experience. First, the 1-Way Interview process requires all candidates to be able to navigate the software properly with little to no training. This can easily result in candidate attrition. Second, candidates see this as a lack of humanity on the side of the employer and often opt-out of process upon receiving such invitations. (A great place to see complaints about 1-Way Interviews is here) Third, this process lacks the human interaction elements that make up a great interview and often result in poor overall outcomes.