Feedback Form (Interview Rubric)


A feedback form is a rubric that interviewers fill out after interviewing candidates. These forms have questions about how well candidates matched the job requirements, but may also contain questions about candidates’ communication skills, company and culture fit, engagement, professionalism, and even attire. Feedback forms are vital to the hiring process. Documenting interviewers’ impressions helps HR and the rest of the selection committee decide whether or not to move candidates forward in the hiring process.

Collecting feedback can be an arduous task for recruiters since many interviewers are busy with their day jobs. Creating standardized templates can accelerate the process and make it easier to collate everyone’s remarks when it’s time to make a decision. Having feedback form templates also gives interviewers a script they can follow during the interview, ensuring that they (1) ask questions that get to the root of a candidates’ experience and qualifications, and (2) avoid asking or saying anything that could invite legal problems.

This doesn’t mean that every interview for every position will be the same, so templates should be customizable. After all, you’ll want to ask different questions based on the technical and soft skills required for each position. But establishing a sense of uniformity to your interviews helps your interviewers stay on track and makes your company appear more professional and organized, which can boost your candidate NPS score.