Candidate Acceleration


While a consistent hiring process is detrimental to successfully scaling any organization, there are moments where introducing frameworks for Candidate Acceleration can be critical.

Candidate Acceleration is the process of identifying candidates from a pool of applicants who show extremely good fit for a particular role. This technique requires setting clear benchmarks of qualification (e.g. a competency model) and have process in place to flag qualified candidates to the hiring team. Candidate Acceleration typically entails moving a candidate past certain stages to the final decision making process or last interview round.

One of the drawbacks of Candidate Acceleration is the potential to misidentify talent as a result of the competency model for the specific role. An example of this would be quickly hiring a great digital marketer, only to realize the role requires expertise developing long form blog content. To effectively execute Candidate Acceleration steps, your team needs to spend time properly calibrating the needs for a role. It is best practice to avoid Candidate Acceleration until your hiring process and competency model(s) have been sufficiently iterated upon and are battle-tested.