Behavioral Interview


Behavioral interviews assess how candidates have reacted to specific situations in the past. The idea is that a candidate’s responses to questions about previous experiences give interviewers insight into the candidate’s future behavior.

Typically, behavioral interview questions focus on soft skills, such as leadership, organization, communication, or conflict management. They often start with, “can you tell me about a time when…”, which encourages candidates to provide a real-life example of how they’ve addressed challenges before and how they might tackle similar issues or projects at your workplace.

Although allowing candidates to describe and clarify their thinking in specific circumstances gives interviewers a sense of how candidates might conduct themselves day-to-day, it doesn’t necessarily showcase a candidate’s actual technical skills. That’s why behavioral interviews often come after a more technical screening, such as a coding test or case study. That way, the hiring panel already knows the candidate has a grasp on the appropriate technical skills before determining if they fit into the team or culture.