Sourcing vs. Recruiting


Sourcing and recruiting are two separate activities that transpire at different points of the hiring process. Sourcing occurs early on to get candidates into the hiring funnel. To do that, sources will talk to employee referrals, send outbound messages to potential candidates on LinkedIn or over email, or attend industry events. They are particularly skilled at making connections with top talent and convincing them to apply to roles that suit their strengths. Sourcers will form relationships with both active and passive candidates so they can help fill roles that are open now and ones that might be opening in the future.

Once sourcers persuade candidates to apply, applicants enter the recruiting portion of the hiring process. From that point on, recruiters manage the candidate experience, hosting candidate screening calls, sending candidates assessments, and scheduling interviews. Recruiters are also responsible for checking in on candidates to gauge how they are feeling and explain what to expect. They also work with interviewers and the selection committee to whittle down the candidate pool and ultimately decide which candidates move on to the final stages of the hiring funnel. Finally, recruiters liaise with the hiring manager and candidate during salary negotiation and eventually extend the final offer.