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Introducing Talent CRM & Interview Insights

The time has come for businesses to relearn how to add talent; better, faster, and more consistently: Introducing Chatkick Talent CRM and Interview Insights.

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Daniel Jakaitis
The time has come for businesses to relearn how to add talent; better, faster, and more consistently: Introducing Chatkick Talent CRM and Interview Insights.

Chatkick was born out of a candidate experience gone wrong

Chatkick’s story began in 2016 when I took part in what ended up being the worst interview process I’d experienced as a candidate.

By the time it was over I had spent 30+ hours on repetitive interview rounds and ineffective technical assessments that left me stunned at the state of the “modern” candidate experience for technical talent.

Recruiting – and the world around it – has changed

So much has changed since that fateful candidate experience. COVID-19 accelerated the shift to remote work so significantly that by the end of 2022 it’s projected that 25% of all professional jobs in North America will be remote.

Along with decentralizing employment, the pandemic also accelerated unemployment – but not in the way many expected. 47 million Americans left their jobs in 2021 due to a litany of reasons which included new opportunities (and soaring salaries), burnout, and priority reevaluation as Americans began to change the relationship they once had with their jobs.

This “Great Resignation” continues to impact businesses today as nearly 9 in 10 employers call recruiting a challenge in 2022. In fact, a recent survey by GoCo revealed that 75% of HR professionals say the job is harder than it’s ever been before. And if the pandemic, a competitive job market, and economic uncertainty weren’t enough – the modern hiring process is full of operational obstacles that add unnecessary friction (and time) that risks candidates losing interest in a job before a business has even had the chance to extend an offer.

Chatkick operationalizes recruiting and interviewing to help you hire faster

Chatkick is a talent solution made up of two distinct products, Talent CRM (formerly Trinsly) and Interview Insights.

Trinsly is now Talent CRM, and helps discover, engage, and manage talent relationships

Trinsly began as a simple (yet highly effective) sourcing software for talent acquisition specialists and recruiters. The tool allowed these teams to coordinate and conduct outbound email automation in an entirely new way; and pre-dated Gem, SourceWhale, and other popular recruiting tools.

Thousands of users later, we realized there was a need for more capabilities beyond just sourcing outreach. We needed to develop a system that would enable talent relationship management by:

  • Sourcing candidate data via email, LinkedIn, and data aggregators…
  • …and Nurturing those relationships continuously until they become employees.

While Trinsly served its purpose as a sourcing tool, it’s now time to build the talent acquisition – and management – CRM our users are hungry for. Rebranding Trinsly to Talent CRM represents the next step in our product’s evolution to address this need on behalf of our users.

Interview Insights is the missing piece to virtual interview puzzle

The interview process is hard enough on talent acquisition, hiring managers, and candidates alike. Our goal is to make life easier for everyone eliminating the need for multiple, disparate teams to work out of multiple, disparate platforms – all just to move candidates along to the next stage. In my experiences both as a candidate and a hiring manager – this is one of the most significant challenges to hiring well.

This is especially important as more teams go remote or hybrid – and rely on 1-way interviews to assess new talent. Consider that 94% of candidates prefer video interviews, and see employers that use them as more innovative than their peers. This tells us that even as the world continues to open up for in-person engagements, video interviews are here to stay.

Where Talent CRM helps recruiters find and manage talent relationships, Interview Insights helps hiring managers interview and hire talent more effectively. Our tools record, transcribe, and analyze video interviews for competencies and sentiment – and then enable teams to stay nimble by asynchronous sharing insights with teammates.

This not only enables remote and hybrid teams to assess talent faster than before, but it also ensures they’re hiring the *right *candidates for the *right *roles. As well calculating time to hire as well as employee retention rates offer valuable insight to the operations of the business. All based on real-time data rather than secondhand feedback and thirdhand recollection of conversations long past.

No more hiring headaches for companies or candidates

We’ve made a change to Chatkick’s logo as part of this rebrand. The previous “chat bubbles” primary logo is now exclusively associated with our Interview Insights product. In its place is a new mark that represents the talent funnel in its entirety.

Introducing the Chatkick platform

This change is intentional, illustrates our company-wide focus on better-calibrating the relationship between recruiting (top of the funnel), interviewing (middle of funnel) and hiring (bottom of funnel). Using Chatkick to capture candidate conversations (of any kind!) will help address misalignment between:

  • Recruiters: Struggling to understand who they’re supposed to be recruiting, and why their hard-earned candidates are being rejected.
  • Hiring Managers: Frustrated by the lack of quality candidates being sent their way, and unsure why TA struggles to fill their roles effectively.
  • Candidates: Frustrated by the lack of progress, urgency, and clarity in the interview process.
  • Finance Departments: Fed up with spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on duplicative tech and various systems which remain underutilized, unintegrated – and ultimately ineffective in helping them find, assess, and hire top technical talent.

The time has come for businesses to relearn how to add talent; better, faster, and more consistently.

There’s still much to be done, Chatkick’s Talent CRM and Interview Insights capabilities will help businesses everywhere take the headaches out of hiring – once and for all.

Happy hiring,